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Order Request Form


This form is for Ingram School of Engineering employees to request purchase of approved items using funds taken from grants, contracts, or other accounts.

Complete all sections with appropriate information.

A. Purchaser Info

Enter Requestor Name, Email Address, and Program/Affiliation according to the instructions.

Need help?  Clarification for Purchaser Info

B. Reason for Order

Enter Reason, Prefix, and Number according to the instructions.

Need help? Clarification for Reason for Order

C. Order Information

Enter Type of Purchase, Source of Funds, and complete Cost Center/Fund/Account information in the fields below even if you plan to submit your request via TSUS-Marketplace.

Need help?  Clarification for Type of Purchase.

D. Order Totals

Enter the Total Cost of your order (including shipping), and the Shipping Charges.

E. Quote / Order Form / Spreadsheet

Enter the details of the items you wish to purchase according to the instructions.

If you have a quote:

Attach it here, in PDF format.  Make sure company contact info is on the quote. 

If company contact info (Contact Name, Phone Number, and Email) is not shown on the quote (seriously?), include it in the Comments section. 

If you don't have a quote:

Attach complete documentation of your order. 

Attachments that are useful:

  • a spreadsheet with everything included to specify the items
  • a "shopping cart" with complete item details
  • a PDF of the webpage for the items you need to order

For each item, make sure the part number, item number, quantity, cost, etc. are clearly specified.

F. Comments

If you have other requirements and/or clarifications, enter them here.  Be specific.