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MS Engineering Course Override Request Form

This form is for Master of Science, Major in Engineering students to request course enrollment overrides.

Use this form only if you need to request an override to enable you to register for a course for the upcoming semester.

Your request will first be reviewed by the Ingram School of Engineering.

If the course is within the School of Engineering (EE, ENGR, IE or MFGE), and deemed acceptable, the override will be granted.

If the course is outside of the School of Engineering, and deemed acceptable, the Graduate Advisor will then send a request to the corresponding department for final approval. 

When a decision has been made, you will be notified via email.

Course Information

Type of Override Requested (check all that apply): *

Justification for Request

Please explain why you believe you should be allowed to enroll in the above course.

By checking this box, I understand that the override requested is not a guarantee that I will be allowed to enroll in the above course. *