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Prerequisite Override Request Form

This form is for Engineering classes (EE, ENGR, IE or MFGE) only!!

Use this form only if you feel you meet all prerequisites for a class, but the system is not allowing you to register.

If you need entrance into a CLOSED class, please complete the form located at this --> link <-- instead.

Justification for request

Please explain why you think you should be able to enroll in the above course.  Attach documentation, if necessary, below.

Proof of grade

If you recently completed a course off-campus, and the course is a prerequisite for the course you wish to enroll in, you will need to show proof of grade.  Please attach proof below.  Any file format is fine.

By checking the box below,

I understand that this request is for a prerequisite override and it is not the suitable form needed to gain entrance into a closed class. For that, I would need to complete the form located at this --> link <-- instead.

I have received a prerequisite error when attempting to enroll in the above mentioned course, and because I would like to enroll in said course is why I have completed this form.

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