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Cooperative Education Student Application Form

If you have any specific questions regarding the Co-op Program, please contact your Ingram School of Engineering or Career Services coordinator. Click here for contact info.

How did you hear about the Coop Program? *

Co-op Agreement

I understand:

  • Undergraduate work and study semester normally alternate and that the successful completion of at least two work terms is required for a two-credit elective course.
  • Undergraduate students are eligible for a Co-op certificate upon successful completion of three work terms.
  • Both work and study semesters are normally full-time and students are expected to end on a study term.
  • Students must remain in good academic standing with Texas State University and are expected to abide by the guidelines outlined in the Co-op Student Handbook.
  • Acceptance into the Co-op program does not guarantee employment during the program or after graduation.

Upon acceptance to the Co-op program, I consent to the disclosure of:

  • My academic transcript, resume, cover letter, and any portfolio pieces to current and potential employers in order to facilitate the Co-op hiring process.
  • My work reports for other students to view in order to provide insights into the experience(s) I had with specific employers, unless I explicitly request in writing that the report be treated as confidential.

I understand that my consent to disclose the personal information about me noted above expires when I leave the Co-op program.

I understand that upon securing Co-op employment:

  • I must register in the ENGR 3190 course and pay tuition and applicable student fees for each work terms as stated in the Texas State Calendar.
  • If my work assignment is extended for an additional semester, or if I return to work for an additional work term with a previous Co-op employer, I will register and pay tuition and applicable student fees.

Finally, I agree that I will notify my Co-op program as to any change in plans that will affect my participation in the Cooperative Education program.

Agreement *