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Co-op Schedules

  • Work terms are determined between the employer and student, usually based on job requirements of the company as well as the work performance and academic needs of the student.
  • Traditional co-op schedules include alternating semesters of work and school, such as schedules A and B.
  • Alternative schedules include one long semester back-to-back with a summer semester (i.e. Spring/Summer or Summer/Fall); see C and D.
  • Co-op credit will also be given for two semesters of work; refer to schedules E and F. However, scheduling must include at least one long semester (i.e., fall or spring).
  • Completion of three semesters of full-time work equates to a 3 credit elective course in your major. Completion of two semesters of full-time employment equates to a 2 credit elective course in your major.