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Nano Devices (IGRM 2306A & B)

RFM 2210
RFM 2210

The Nano Materials & Devices Lab (IGRM 2306A & B) supports courses such as Solid State Devices (EE 3355), Introduction to Microelectromechanical Systems (EE4358), Materials Engineering (ENGR 2300), Microelectronics Manufacturing I (MFGE 4392), Microelectronics Manufacturing II (MFGE 4394), and Capstone Design (EE 4390/4391). This lab is engaged in synthesis of nano-structured materials (such as nanowires, nanotube, graphene, etc.) by chemical vapor deposition. Nano-devices (such as graphene-based transistors) are fabricated and characterized in this lab.

Equipment available in this lab includes:

  • A diamond anvil. This tool is used to study the materials’ behavior at high pressure.
  • 3 hot-wall chemical vapor deposition systems (1”, 2” and 3” quartz tubes) with computer controlled flow rate and pressure. These systems are used for synthesis of thin film and nano-structured materials, thereafter, devices can be built on those materials.
  • A cold-wall chemical vapor deposition system with an observation window, which can be accessed by optical tools. This tool is mainly used to study the growth mechanism of nano-materials.
  • Plasma cleaner. This tool is for processing the surface of materials and devices.
  • A non-contact thin film conductance monitor. This tool is used to measure the sheet resistance of a thin film without damaging its surface.