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Cleanroom (RFM 1246)

RFM 1246
RFM 1246

The Cleanroom (Semiconductor Manufacturing Lab) primarily supports courses related to fabrication of semiconductor devices.

This facility is a class-1000 clean room which is used to support MFGE 4392 Semiconductor Manufacturing I and MFGE 4394 Semiconductor Manufacturing II. On an “as needed” basis, this facility also supports EE4390 and 4391 Senior Capstone Projects. In 2011, the facility was upgraded and separated so that the area used for classes is separated from space for more advanced equipment being brought in for research uses, and also so that lithography would have separated “yellow” rooms.

Equipment in the cleanroom includes:

  • 2 custom oxide furnaces
  • 2 custom diffusion systems (n-type and p-type)
  • 2 photoresist spinners, 100 – 6000 rpm
  • 2 custom contact printers
  • 2 PVD metal deposition systems
  • Wet Decks (Photoresist Develop, RCA Clean, Etch, Metal & Oxide)
  • 1 transparent film thickness system
  • 1 4-point probe for sheet resistance measurement
  • 3 oscilloscopes and transistor curve tracers
  • 2 probing stations
  • 2 inspection microscopes
  • 1 digital microscope camera
  • 1 laser based air particle counter

Note:  This room is not available for student use outside of classes and/or special projects.  Supervision is required.