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Flexible Electronics (RFM 4237)


This lab is used to design and develop high-speed, high-frequency, flexible electronics devices and flexible photonic devices using ink-jet printing technology. We also develop microwave photonic systems for phased-array radar applications, flexible phased-array antennas, high frequency flexible FETs and biosensors. This lab supports courses such as Flexible Electronics (EE 4354).

Equipment available in this lab includes:

  • 1 Electronic material deposition system
  • 1 Microscope
  • 1 Vector network analyzer
  • 1 Optical spectrum analyzer
  • 1 Semiconductor characterizing station
  • 1 Tunable laser
  • 1 Erbium doped fiber amplifier
  • 1 Optical table
  • 4 Alignment stages and RF probes
  • 1 Rsoft software for photonic design
  • 1 HFSS software for electromagnetic simulation and design