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AMA (IGRM 4204 Show Room)

The Additive Manufacturing (AMA) lab facilitates research and active learning in Additive Manufacturing. It also supports the work of undergraduate students in the Capstone Design Course. AMA involves rapid prototyping by designing a three-dimensional object with a computer-aided design software, working on specifications and other features and using a 3D printing machine that extrudes a plastic filament and applies one layer of material at a time. AMA entails testing students’ limitless creativity.

In the AMA lab students research on how to solve problems that involve multiple engineering domains such as optimizing the quality of 3D printed parts and optimizing the time to produce 3D printed parts. Works have been presented in national and international conferences such as the Annual International Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium (SFF) and the Gulf Coast Undergraduate Research Symposium (GCURS).

Students in the Capstone Design Course have printed prototypes of products or parts that have enhanced a diverse range of operations at manufacturing and service companies such as printing replacement parts for robots and products for industrial applications such as aerospace and quality control.

Equipment available in the AMA lab includes:


3D printing equipment

  • 1 Makerbot replicator 5th generation 
  • 1 Makerbot Z18
  • 1 Makerbot 3D Digitizer
  • 1 LulzBot Taz 6 3D Printer

Other equipment

  • 1 Dell OptiPlex 5040 desktops (3.2 GHZ Intel Core i5 6500 processor,16 GB RAM, 500 GB Hard Drive) with two 30" wide screen monitors and running Windows 10 (64 bit)
  • 1 HP laser printer


  • Microsoft Office Enterprise (includes Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Project)
  • Mathematica
  • AutoCAD
  • Solidworks
  • Makerbot Print
  • Makebot Desktop
  • Thingverse

AMA Lab Faculty:

Clara Novoa, Associate Professor at the Ingram School of Engineering Industrial Engineering Program. Her research areas are operations research (OR), the use of high-performance computing for solving large-scale OR problems. In the last years, she has started to develop research interests in Additive Manufacturing.


AMA Lab Students Involved:

Industrial Engineering Undergraduate Students:

  • Alejandra Flores (Spring'18 - August'18)
  • Javier Ortiz (Spring' 17 - Spring'18)
  • Jacob Cheramie (Spring'19 - Present)