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iMOSS (IGRM 4207E)


The Integrated Modeling and Optimization for Service Systems (iMOSS) lab is a collaborative education and research center established between the Ingram School of Engineering and medical and healthcare researchers in different disciplines.

This lab supports undergraduate and graduate research and professional services that improve the understanding, modeling, evaluation, and optimization of complex service-delivery systems. This lab also provides supplementary teaching support for IE 3340 Operations Research and is available for students working on IE 4390 Capstone Design projects. The lab mission is to foster interdisciplinary education and research efforts involving the advancement and application of sophisticated mathematical and computational techniques to problems in medicine and healthcare.

Utilizing the wealth of methodologies and theories in operations research, systems modeling, discrete event simulation, algorithms and software design, and decision theory analysis, our students tackle problems in patient scheduling; patient flow; clinical resource management; optimal treatment design and drug delivery; target intervention and treatment outcome prediction; public health and medical preparedness; medical decision analysis; quality improvement, efficient operations, and logistics associated with healthcare delivery systems.

Equipment and software in the iMOSS lab includes:


  1. 5 Dell OptPlex 9010, 3.4 GHz Intel Core i7 Processors with 16 GB RAM
  2. 2 IBM Lenovo 2.9 GHz Intel Core i7 Processor with 4 GB RAM


  1. Arena
  2. CPLEX
  3. MiniTab
  4. DEVS
  5. Microsoft .Net framework 1.0 Sp3 Developer
  6. Microsoft Office Enterprise 2010
  7. Microsoft SQL Server 2005
  8. Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition – ENU