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CHiPS (RFM 4238)


The Center for High Performance Systems (CHiPS) Research and Teaching Labs are engaged in developing and applying modeling and analysis tools and techniques for improving the operations and sustainability of manufacturing and service industries.

The research focus is on characterizing the next generation factories, material handling and logistic systems that will be required to support production and distribution of goods and services in the next few decades. Research also focuses on the design of distributed generation systems featuring green energy solutions and integration of these systems into manufacturing facilities and other types of facilities.

Housed in RFM 4238, the research facility has a conference room and two computer labs, where students and affiliated faculty collaborate in research, industry-sponsored projects, and class projects.

The companies that have been affiliated with CHiPS include 3M, Continental, H.E.B., Phillips Lighting, and SEMATECH, among others. CHiPS supports courses such as Design of Experiments (IE 4310), Integrated Production Systems (IE 4320), Manufacturing Systems Design (MFGE 4396), Capstone Design (IE 4390), and Engineering Internships (ENGR 4390).

Equipment and Software available in the CHiPS Lab includes:


  1. 4 Dell OptPlex Intel Core2 Duo 3.0GHz/4GB RAM PCs each with 19” flat panel monitor, keyboard and mouse
  2. 3 Dell OptPlex Intel Core i7 3.4GHz/16 GB RAM PCs each with 19” flat panel monitor, keyboard and mouse


  1. Anylogic
  2. Arena
  3. AutoMod/AutoSched AP
  4. Design Expert
  5. MiniTab
  6. ProModel
  7. R-Statistical Software
  8. Simio
  9. Witness