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Gain Access

Do you want to access the Makerspace to work on your project? Whether you're a student working on a personal project, or on a senior design project, all are welcome.

The Ingram Hall Makerspace supports class projects, senior design groups, personal projects, etc. To achieve this, access is through our online training on TRACS. If you have default access, then you have already been added to the TRACS site, and it is probably hiding under the “Your Sites” button. All currently available training modules for the Makerspace equipment can be found on TRACS. Each piece of equipment has it’s own training modules to read and take. Each space (i.e. Industrial Makerspace, Rapid Prototyping Makerspace, Wood Shop, etc) has it’s own safety overview training and quiz.

If you have any questions, speak to a Makerspace worker at the front information stand or email us at


NOTE: Each and every quiz requires a 100 to pass and gain access to that area or quiz. You are allowed a maximum of 5 tries. If you hit this maximum, speak with a Makerspace Student Technician (MST).

To enter the Makerspace, take the “Rapid Prototyping Makerspace Safety Overview” Training Module. Once you’ve achieved a score of a 100, you can then enter the front doors and check in with a Makerspace Student Technician. The MST will confirm your score and grant you access. You can then proceed to check out whatever equipment you have already gained access to.

NOTE: Equipment in the Industrial Makerspace requires special training in person and must be scheduled ahead of time.


Makerspace Feedback Form - This form may be emailed to or taken to the Ingram Hall Makerpace front desk.

Requester Information

If you are not already added to the TRACS site, you can use the below form to submit a request to be added. A MST will get back with you as soon as possible.