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General Manufacturing (RFM 1235)

General Manufacturing Lab
General Manufacturing Lab

The General Manufacturing Lab (GML) is a multipurpose area. It is used for light manufacturing operations and final assembly of projects in MFGE 4363 Concurrent Process Engineering and MFGE 4365 Tool Design. It is also occasionally used for faculty research activities. The Wardjet Abrasive Waterjet machine is located in this lab and is used for variety of classes and projects. Occasionally, students from MFGE 2332 Material Selection and Manufacturing Processes and ENGR 1313 Engineering Design Graphics visit the lab for the demonstration purposes.

Equipment available in the GML includes:

  • Wardjet model Z45 abrasive waterjet cutter
  • Assembly area, work table,and diverse general hand tools
3D Printer
3D Printer

The GML also houses an environmentally-controlled area which contains are a selection of 3D printers and associated support equipment which is affiliated with the Rapid Prototyping Lab (RFM 1251). These machines are used primarily in courses such as MFGE4399A Reverse Engineering and Freeform Fabrication and MFGE 4365 Tool Design.

Equipment in the environmentally-controlled portion of the GML which is associated with the RPD lab includes:

  • Solidscape 3Z studio Wax 3D printer
  • Stratasys Uprint SE Plus 3D printer

Examples of items manufactured in the GML and RPD