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ENGR - Course Listings

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1313 Engineering Design Graphics. (2-2) An introductory communications course in the tools and techniques utilized to produce various types of working drawings. Principles of multiview projections, geometric relationships, shape and size description, and pictorial methods are included with emphasis on technical applications and design problem solving.

2300 Materials Engineering. (3-0) Structure, properties and behavior of engineering materials including metals, polymers, composites and ceramics. Mechanical, electrical, magnetic, thermal, and optical properties are covered. Prerequisites: MATH 1315; CHEM 1341.

3190 Cooperative Education (0-1) Completion of technical/engineering practice-related special projects. Projects must relate to students' major and result in a term paper. Prerequisite: Approval of program coordinator.

3311 Mechanics of Materials. (3-1) This course covers the principles of mechanic materials and includes the following topics: stress and strain; elastic modulus and Poisson's ratio; constitutive equations; torsion; bending; axial, shear and bending moment diagrams; deflection of beams; and stability of columns. Prerequisite: MATH 3375.

3315 Engineering Economic Analysis. (3-0) Interest formulas, economic equivalence, rate of return analysis, techniques of economic analysis for engineering decisions and an introduction to cost estimation. Prerequisite: MATH 1315.

3360 Structural Analysis. (3-1) Structural engineering fundamentals to include design loads, reactions, force systems, functions of a structure, and the analysis of statically determinate and indeterminate structures by classical and modern techniques. Prerequisite: ENGR 3311.

3373 Circuits and Devices. (3-1) DC and AC circuit analysis, network theorems, electromechanical devices, electronic devices and an introduction to amplifiers, oscillators and operational amplifiers. Prerequisite: PHYS 2425.

3375 Engineering Mechanics. (3-0) A course covering statics, using a vector approach to mechanics. Prerequisite: PHYS 1430. Prerequisite or Co-requisite: MATH 2472.

4390 Internship. (0-20) Supervised on-the-job professional learning experience in engineering and other technical areas. This course provides practical work experience in their particular field of interest.

4395 Independent Studies in Engineering. (3-0)Open to undergraduate students on an independent basis by arrangement with the faculty member concerned. Requires department chair approval. Repeatable for credit with different emphasis. Prerequisite: junior or senior standing.