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IE - Undergrad. Course Listings

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3310 Project Management for Engineers.(3-0) Basic principles governing the efficient and effective management of engineering projects. Topics include project planning, scheduling, and cost estimation procedures. Prerequisite: ENGR 3315. (WI)

3320 Engineering Statistics. (3-1) Fundamentals of probability and statistical inference for engineering applications, probability distributions, parameter estimation, hypothesis testing, and analysis of variance. Prerequisite: MATH 2472.

3330 Quality Engineering. (3-0) Quality assurance systems, quality costs, statistical quality control, and approaches for engineering quality into products and processes. Prerequisite: IE 3320.

3340 Operations Research. (3-0) This course teaches models in operations research including linear programs, the simplex method, duality theory, sensitivity analysis, integer programs, and network flows. The emphasis is in learning to recognize, formulate, solve, and analyze practical industrial problems. The course also teaches commercial mathematical programming languages. Prerequisites: CS 1428, MATH 3377, ENGR 3315.

3360 Methods Engineering and Ergonomics. (3-0) This course is a survey of methods for assessing and improving performance of individuals and groups in organizations. Techniques include various basic industrial engineering tools, work analysis, data acquisition and application, performance evaluation and appraisal, and work measurement procedures. Prerequisite: IE 3320.

4310 Statistical Design of Experiments. (3-0) Statistically designed experiments for engineering applications. Topics include analysis of variance, randomized complete block designs, factorial designs, empirical models generated from controlled experiments, and response surfaces. Prerequisite: IE 3320.

4320 Integrated Production Systems. (3-0) Basic concepts in the design and control of integrated production systems to include forecasting, inventory models, material requirements planning, scheduling, planning, and shop floor control. Coverage will include both traditional and kanban systems. Prerequisite: IE 3340.

4330 Reliability Engineering. (3-0) Reliability of components and systems, reliability models, life testing, failure analysis, and maintainability. Prerequisite: IE 3320.

4340 Optimization Techniques. (3-0) Mathematical modeling and computational methods for linear, integer, and nonlinear programming problems. Prerequisite: IE 3340.

4350 Supply-Chain Engineering. (3-0) The analysis of supply chain problems to include facility location, customer assignment, vehicle routing, inventory management, and the role of information and decision support systems in supply chains. Prerequisite: IE 3340.

4355 Facilities Planning. (3-0) Planning, design, and analysis of facilities. Emphasizes the principles and methods used for solving plant layout, facility location, material handling, automation, computer integration, and warehouse operations.

4360 Human Factors Design. (3-1) This course will emphasize the applications of human factors engineering to systems design. Prerequisites: IE 3360. (WI)

4370 Probabilistic Operations Research. (3-0) Probabilistic models in operations research to include queuing theory, simulation, and Markov chains. Emphasis will be placed on modeling applications to solve problems in industry and computing. Prerequisite(s): IE 3320 and CS 1428.

4380 Industrial Safety. (3-0) This course is a survey of occupational safety and hazards control. Topics include the history of occupational safety; hazard sources related to humans, environment, and machines; and engineering management of hazards.

4390 Industrial Engineering Capstone Design. (3-2) Students form teams and apply industrial engineering principles to develop and implement solutions to industrial problems and/or systems engineering issues. Includes incorporation of engineering standards and realistic constraints. Prerequisite: IE 3310, IE 3330 and at least two of: IE 4355, IE 3360, MFGE 4396, and IE 4310 Corequisite: At least two courses from: IE 4320, IE 4350, and IE 4360.

4399 Special Topics in Industrial Engineering. (3-0) This course will cover advanced topics that cannot be fitted into a regular course in the curriculum. Prerequisite: Faculty advisor approval.

4399A Six Sigma Methodologies.(3-0)

4399B Human Computer Interaction. (3-0)

4399C Engineering Statistics II. (3-1) This course is the continuation of IE 3320 Engineering Statistics I and covers simple and multiple regression analysis, analysis of variance, 2^k Factorial Experiments, and the use of statistical packages. Prerequisite: IE 3320.

4399D Modern Heuristic Optimization Techniques. (3-0) Heuristic methods that search beyond local optima such as simulated annealing, tabu search, genetic algorithms, ant-colony systems, and particl swarm. Papers from the literature, problem-specific heuristics, evaluation methods and serial/parallel implementations are discussed. This course is an advanced undergraduate course for students in engineering and related fields. Prerequisites: IE 3340, CS 1428.