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The Ingram Hall Makerspace has many policies regarding equipment, personal, and work. Our priority is safety, academia, and accessibility. With those in mind, our policies are designed to help pursue those goals.


  • All users must take the training modules available on TRACS in order to gain access to any equipment.
  • Students will not be given badge access to the doors.
  • Users must clean and check in all equipment before closing time.
  • Users must present ID to access the makerspace.
  • No food or drink inside the makerspace.


  • No tools or equipment are allowed to leave the makerspace.
  • Tools can only be checked out a day at a time.
  • Tools must be checked in and out by a technician.


  • Users must check out any and all equipment from the front desk.
  • Users cannot use equipment they have not completed the training on.
  • If a user needs to use a piece of equipment that is does not have safety training available, they can submit a work event request to ISoE for review.
  • Large equipment must be scheduled through the makerspace system.


  • Students, Faculty and Staff all must follow the safety rules the space at all times.
  • PPE will not be provided by the makespace

3D Printers

  • 25 meter print limitation unless approved with an override form.
  • Must attend the first 30 minutes of a print.
  • 30 minutes before closing is the latest to start a print.