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Certified Composites Program Offered at Texas State University

Texas State University has signed a partnership agreement for the academic administration of the ACMA (American Composites Manufacturers Association) Certified Composites Program (CCT). Dr. Jitendra S. Tate of the Ingram School of Engineering has been appointed as an Academic Program Administrator of the CCT Program. Texas State students and people from local industry can take the CCT exam on the Texas State campus.

 There are multiple benefits of signing this strategic agreement:

  • Texas State students can take the CCT at our campus at discounted rate
  • We can administer the CCT for other people in the local area
  • This is an excellent opportunity for the Ingram School of Engineering to make further connections to industry, which will provide more career opportunities for our students
  • Texas State’s name appears on the ACMA website.
  • At present Texas State is the only academic partner with ACMA in the state of Texas.

 Seven students from the Ingram School of Engineering’s Manufacturing Engineering program successfully passed the CCT exam in the 2010-11 academic year. 

  1. Sarah Camacho
  2. Swapnil Gaikwad
  3. Weston Luckenbach
  4.  Bret Mackie
  5. Ralph Schultz
  6. Megan Taylor  
  7. Saul Villarreal