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IISE Annual Conference


June 4, 2018

Zhijie (Sasha) Dong, assistant professor of Industrial Engineering at Texas State University has won the Engineering Management (EM) track best paper last week at the Institute of Industrial & Systems Engineering (IISE) annual conference in Orlando, Florida. The EM track includes innovative research and practice-based solutions that focus on the convergence of the fields of engineering, technology, and business. The EM track covers any research-based or applied strategies, and analytical methods to improve an organization's ability to enact meaningful management decisions by arriving at optimal solutions to complex decision problems. This best paper competition recognizes the academic work of faculty and practitioners who demonstrate outstanding scholarship. The review criteria will evaluate them with regards to originality, applicability, robustness of the methodology and overall quality.

The awarded paper proposes a problem called coupling Resource Allocation and Project Scheduling (RA&PS) problem, which considers the interaction between resource allocation and project scheduling. In this problem, hiring extra resource and leasing idle resource out are allowed during the time horizon, and the resource cost is no longer a constant or a simple function but depends on the resource scarcity in the market. Dr. Dong presented this paper at the IISE annual conference and received the award certificate from presidents of IISE.