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Ingram School of Engineering students Won Top Awards at the SME R&D Speed Presentation 2020

June, 26, 2020

Fatema Zohra

Fatema Tuz Zohra, Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Masters Student, won the top spot and cash award in graduate category (MS and PhD) at the Inaugural Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) Research and Development Competition 2020.

Brent Newberry-Olson, Johnisa Nauling, Genisis Segundo, Dr. Bahram Asiabanpour

In the undergraduate category, a team of MFGE and IE undergraduate engineering students including, Brent Newberry-Olson, Genisis Segundo, Johnisa Nauling won the second spot and cash award at SME Research and Development Competition 2020 in undergraduate category.

Both teams’ research was on Automation under EverGreen project funded by USDA and led by Dr. Asiabanpour.