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Sustainability REU 2008

Sustainability, Engineering, & the Environment (SEE) Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Program at NC State University

Research Experience For Undergraduates

 For ten weeks during the summer of 2008,  selected undergraduate students from around the US will be  engaged in one of the most exciting, rapidly developing areas of research - Sustainability, Energy and Engineering in one of the most active research centers in the country, the “Triangle” region of North Carolina .  North Carolina State University (NCSU) faculty from Chemical Engineering, Wood and Paper Science, the College of Textiles , and Environmental Engineering, will mentor research projects.  Participants will interact with graduate students and faculty in the Kenan Center for the Utilization of CO2 in Manufacturing and the NSF Science and Technology Center (STC) for Environmentally Responsible Solvents and Processes at NCSU.

While working with an outstanding group of research faculty, you will learn about engineering ethics and environmentally conscious manufacturing.  You will also have the opportunity to attend the 12th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference in Washington , D.C.   As attendees, you will hear keynote speakers discuss breakthroughs in green chemistry from academic and industrial perspectives.  We will arrange for you to visit local industry, and give you an inside look at the graduate school recruiting process. You also will have opportunities to meet other undergraduate researchers at the university.


Program Objectives


1. Develop future leaders in green engineering by  their involvement in research projects related to sustainability, with a focus on cross-cutting issues in energy and green processing;


2. Provide students from undergraduate institutions and groups that have been traditionally underrepresented in engineering (e.g., African-American, Hispanic,

and women) the research experience necessary to stimulate their interest and enhance their success in graduate engineering training.


3. Develop in participants disciplined thinking related to the ethical and economic motivations for applying sustainable to practices all phases of manufacturing, product usage, and disposal.


If you are interested in learning more about summer research opportunities, contact Phyllis Hilliard at (919) 513-4678 or by email at


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the stipend?
The stipend is $4,500 for the 10 weeks of the program and is paid directly to the student. Taxes will be deducted.


Can International Students apply?

All students must be a United States Citizen or Permanent Resident.

Is Room and Board included?
YES! You will be living on the campus of North Carolina State University . The cost of room and board are covered by the program. For those traveling by car, parking permits are included.

How competitive is the program?
VERY. We are looking for students interested in research, who have a good work ethic, and a sincere interest in the projects. We are seeking students who have an interest in continuing their education and want to become leaders in their professions.

How do I apply?
The application for the SEE program is available on-line at  Applications and reference forms can also be emailed to Phyllis Hilliard, or sent by FAX directly to the Chemical Engineering Department at NCSU (FAX number: 919-515-3465). Postal Address, Attn: Phyllis Hilliard, Sustainability,  Engineering Environment (SEE) Undergraduate Research Program, Chemical Engineering, Campus Box 7905 , Raleigh , NC 27695-7905

We are committed to providing students from all backgrounds with an opportunity for professional growth in a rich and diverse research environment. Join us for a challenging and rewarding research experience!




National Science Foundation / North Carolina State University/Kenan Center for the Utilization of CO2 in Manufacturing