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Dr. Karl Stephan to be Featured on TV Show "Weird or What?"

On Friday Apr. 8, Prof. Karl D. Stephan of the School of Engineering at Texas State University-San Marcos was interviewed for a documentary on ball lightning.  A crew from Cineflix Inc. of Canada is producing episodes of the TV show "Weird or What?" which is hosted outside the U. S. by William Shatner.  Prof. Stephan has been doing experimental research involving ball lightning and related subjects since 2007, and has published several papers on the subject in scientific journals.  The film crew asked him about an incident on a Canadian island in 1978 called the "Bell Island Boom" which appears to have been an extremely powerful lightning strike that evidently produced ball lightning.  Prof. Stephan also demonstrated for the crew how burning molten silicon produces brightly glowing white "fireballs" that may represent one type of ball lightning.  Although there is currently no U. S. distributor for the show, this may change in the future.