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Dr. Hsing-Huang Tseng to join the Process Technology Committee for the 2009 International Electron Devices Meeting


  Only the most distinguished and highly regarded engineers and scientists are asked to become members of the Process Technology Committee for the International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM). Dr. Hsing-Huang Tseng of the Ingram School of Engineering will be serving as an active member of this selective committee for the second time in his career. Being asked to serve once is a true honor; serving twice is a true rarity.
  Since 1955, IEDM has been “the largest and most prestigious gathering for scientists and engineers to disclose, discuss and debate the best recent R&D work in electron devices.” 1 As a part of the Process Technology Committee, Dr. Tseng will be reviewing and selecting papers that have been submitted to the conference for presentation.  The IEDM features papers and speakers from around the world “reporting breakthroughs in technology, design, manufacturing, physics and the modeling of semiconductors and other electronic devices.” 2
  Dr. Tseng joined the Ingram School of Engineering in the summer of 2009 as a professor in the budding Electrical Engineering program.  His research interests include high dielectric constant gate dielectric/metal electrode systems for advanced CMOS, solar cell technology, electrical characterization and materials study of nano-electronics, and MIS devices based on new channel materials.  His advances in these fields will surely contribute to the ever-increasing number of awards and honors Dr. Tseng has accrued over his career. Dr. Hsing-Huang Tseng’s many achievements highlight the high-caliber, professional teaching found at the Ingram School of Engineering. Texas State University- San Marcos is proud to have Dr. Tseng as a representative at the 2009 International Electron Devices Meeting.
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