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Request for "Event Work"

Purpose & Process

This form requests authorization for "event work" related to use of School of Engineering assets, including the waterjet machine and ancillary equipment.

It is to be used by an external entity (company, partner, individual, etc.) or an internal entity (grant/contract, project, etc.) to schedule and facilitate the use of such assets.

Authorization will only be granted to entities with pre-established billing arrangements, such as a University/Industry Partnership Agreement, a funded grant or contract, or similar internal accounting facilities.


Upon submission of this form, the requestor will receive an email acknowledgement of the submission, with a unique identification number.  This acknowledgement is not authorization for the request.


The Director of the School of Engineering will evaluate the request and the requestor.  The outcome of the evaluation may be Authorization or Denial of the request.

Communication with the requestor and/or the Office of Sponsored Programs and/or the Office of Commercialization may be required to ensure that proper accounting and billing mechanism are in-place.


If the request is authorized, the Director will inform the requestor and forward the authorized request to the Manager of Lab Services for scheduling of the event work. 


If the request is denied, the Director will inform the requestor of the unauthorized request and provide feedback to enable authorization for future requests.

Requestor Information

Affiiliation: *

Project Information

Equipment Required: *