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Summer Salary Support Form

How to complete this form

Please complete the form(s) below to indicate how you would like to be paid during the summer months. This is for your own funding (not teaching/advising related).

Submissions should be submitted by 5:00pm, Monday, April 26th to avoid payment delays.

If you will not be paid outside of your teaching/advising duties (if any), there is no need to proceed with this form.

If you intend to just get one small stipend ($1500 or less), skip to the end and put that info in the comments section.

To help you plan your funding, teaching a course in one session equates to 50% of your monthly salary for 1.5 months (ex. You earn $5,000/month at 100%. You are scheduled to teach one course in summer 1 only = 5,000 x 50% x 1.5 = $3,750 for June 1-July 15). 

Terms & Conditions

By checking the box below, I acknowledge that:

I am not allowed to receive over 100% of one month's salary in any given month.

If I need to make changes to my request, I should contact the main office immediately.

If I neglect to submit my request in a timely manner it will result in the delay of my summer payments.

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