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Manufacturing Engineering

Automated Deburring Station


Sponsor: Hunt & Hunt, Ltd.

Student Team: Alexander Aries, Douglas Hill, Preston Manka, Carlos Rodriguez

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Austin Talley

Hunt & Hunt, Ltd is a machine shop based in Houston, Texas which specializes in precision metal parts used in the oilfield industry. This machine shop differentiates itself by integrating robots into many of their processes, thereby freeing up skilled workers for tasks other than the mounting of workpieces into CNC machines. Our team proposes to design, build, and test an automated deburring rig that will allow for the quick removal of burrs from the keyway and along the threads on the inner-diameter of workpieces that range from 2-⅞” to 3-⅜” in diameter without manual work intervention.

Wire Harness Station 38 Storage Design


Sponsor: Caterpillar Inc.

Student Team: Simona Curry, Mario Campos, Rene Reyes

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Austin Talley

Our goal is to organize and optimize Caterpillar's main wire harness station. The current system involves harnesses in bins and harnesses are disorganized and tangled. To accomplish this task we need to design a system that holds wire harnesses, design a new space layout and organize the harness placement. With optimization we hope to improve time to gather harnesses, and decrease walking distance for the operator.

Toyota Mohican Clip Position Verification


Sponsor: Toyota Texas

Student Team: Richard Ready, Steven Mathis, Armando Jimenez

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Austin Talley

For this project, we have designed and prototyped a system to assist in the detection of improperly positioned Mohican Clips on the roof of both the Toyota Tundra, and Toyota Tacoma. This will allow the complete assembly of Mohican Channel and Strip to align perfectly and not have to be pulled further down the assembly line. If the clip is not in its tolerance, then the strip won’t fall into place correctly later on. The truck would have to be taken back to paint assembly line to be reassembled.