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Industrial Engineering

These projects are part of a one-semester only sequence. They are functionally complete.

Drop-Trailer Program Efficiency

Sponsor: H-E-B

Student Team: Trey Domino, Jonathan Martin, Clayton Flores, Troy Jackson

Faculty Advisor: Mr. Jerel Walters

H-E-B, located in San Antonio, is experiencing is congestion at their warehouses with trailers full of freight. Drivers who have scheduled times for drop offs normally wait in a queue to have their truck unloaded which could take hours. Because of this problem,H-E-B implemented a “drop trailer” method which allows the driver to just drop the trailer off in the warehouse storage yard. This has resulted in inefficient unloading times of incoming H-E-B and third-party delivery trailers.

The focus of this project is to evaluate the efficiency of the drop-trailer program, identify alternative solutions, and recommend improvements.



Delivery Operations Improvement

Sponsor: San Antonio Food Bank

Student Team: Ryan McGonigle, Javier Ortiz, Kandice Williams-Ascenzo

Faculty Advisor: Mr. Jerel Walters

Founded in 1980, the San Antonio Food Bank serves one of the largest service areas in Southwest Texas. The focus is for clients to have food for today but to also have the resources to be self-sufficient in the future. San Antonio Food Bank has grown rapidly and is experiencing issues with ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of the direct distribution programs. Each division uses a different manual and automated system to schedule outbound food deliveries.

The focus of this project is to improve delivery scheduling to ensure the accuracy of outbound scheduling as well as maximizing transportation resources.


Calibration Program Development

Sponsor: Aggreko

Student Team: Alaina Costen, Bayley Turner, Maria Bueno-Ponce

Faculty Advisor: Mr. Jerel Walters

Aggreko microgrid and storage solutions offers fully integrated, plug-and-play battery storage solutions that ensure maximum system effectiveness and efficiency. They have been optimized across every component to deliver optimal system performance, minimize operating costs and shrink the energy system carbon footprint. The containerized battery storage units are ready-to-install systems, with all components inside a single enclosure. This off-the-shelf solution comprises batteries, inverters, HVAC and auxiliary components, all tested and pre-assembled by aggreko experts, and all seamlessly operated by the smartest software on the market.

The objective of this project is to create and implement a calibration management program to ensure that all test equipment is properly calibrated and available when needed on projects.


Identity Card Printing Process Improvement

Sponsor: HID Global

Student Team: Colton King, Haylie Lee, Mathew Jones, Christopher Lealiiee-Robinson

Faculty Advisor: Mr. Jerel Walters

HID Global is worldwide American manufacturer of secure identity solutions. This company sells photo ID badges, contactless/contact smart cards, readers and card printers. Headquarter is based in Austin, Texas with other production provision in other continents - Europe and Asia.

HID Global creates several card products through large printing machines. These machines are designed by HID, and require a large amount of capital to get running. The machines are staffed by 3 shifts throughout the day to meet demand.

The objective of this project is to improve the process to increase printing capacity and reduce the number of shifts from three to one. The team will provide recommendations for the number of printing machines required and facility layout to achieve the objective.