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Manufacturing Engineering (1st)

These projects are at the midpoint of a two-semester sequence.  They are not complete.

Mechanical Watch Case & Kit


Sponsor: Texas State University

Student Team: Gabriel Fermin, Rafael Penaloza, Marshall Andrews

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Rich Compeau

The focus of this project is to design and fabricate a 45mm watch case that can house the Unitas 6498-1 mechanical movement. Typically watches of this type would be valued around $1000 or more.

By developing our own unique watch casing, we would be able to produce a quality watch at a significantly lower price. Additionally, our team will develop a watch kit with detailed step by step instructions such that a person with minimal technical skills in CAD/CAM and machining operations will be able to replicate or modify our watch design to fabricate their very own personalized watch.


Adaptive Rowing Seat


Sponsor: Texas Rowing for All

Student Team: Elijah Danielsen, Nelson Zepeda, Austin Kaczmarek

Faculty Advisor: Greg Lakomski

Texas Rowing For All is a nonprofit organization that provides support directed toward people with disabilities in the Greater Austin Area through rowing.

Currently, for those with disabilities to enjoy the sport of rowing, a specialized seat must be installed. This process takes upwards of 45 minutes to properly adjust each seat to fit the rower. This project focuses on significantly reducing that time by providing a platform that will have the potential to be fitted to customized seat types. This is done by delivering an adapter with a detailed manufacturing process, as well as for the kit and process used to fit it to the current seats used by Texas Rowing For All.


Caterpillar Sequence Part Transfer Optimization and Automation


Sponsor: Roy Stanley

Student Team: Riley Horner, Ryan Morris, Alejandra Flores Sifuentes

Faculty Advisor: Mark Summers

Caterpillar’s Seguin facility, is a 1.2 million square feet diesel engine assembly plant. The company is interested in optimizing and automating the transfer of sequenced parts from a remote sequencing area to their assembly lines according to the production schedule. Currently tugger drivers transport carts carrying material from the sequencing area to the assembly line.

This project focuses on the transportation of turbochargers to 2 of the 3 assembly lines. A business case will be proposed to enhance the current system and plan to incorporate industry 4.0 techniques by implementing Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) to transport parts. The goal is to reassign tugger drivers, making the process more efficient, cut down process time, and save the company money.


Beverage Chiller


Sponsor: Pont Atlantique, LLC

Student Team: Adrian Villarreal, Keondre Parker, Nicholas Willis, Luis Nevarez

Faculty Advisor: Mr. Mark Summers

This project’s focus on the innovation of an older cooling system that uses a glycol and water mixture to lower the temperature as soon as possible. The “Beverage Chiller” addresses the customer needs by having a clean set up, faster cooling rate, and a reduction of weight. Students implement a newer and more advance refrigeration system that utilizes the limited space for a faster thermal convection process to reduce price and time; making the “The Beverage Chiller” an affordable appliance on every homeowner's countertop.