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Guidelines for Participants

This set of guidelines has the purpose of coordinating communications and actions among the participants in “capstone” design projects at the Ingram School of Engineering. A capstone design project, typically undertaken during the senior year, is intended to be a culminating design experience that draws on knowledge and skills acquired during a student’s entire undergraduate career. Project sponsors outside the University can enhance the capstone project experience by acting both as potential customers for the project and as project advisors. For these reasons, we encourage outside entities such as companies, federal and state agencies, and other engineering organizations to act as sponsors for capstone design projects.

In order for sponsorships to proceed smoothly and so that all participants have a clear understanding of their privileges and responsibilities, we encourage observation of the following guidelines, which are organized by role.

The members of the Ingram School of Engineering look forward to your participation in a capstone design project, and hope that these guidelines have answered most of your questions about your role.

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