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Support the Ingram School of Engineering

A monetary donation toward Senior Design can be used to support a specific project with better funding. We are currently limited to the amount of funds each group project is able to utilize. Your support could help our students create more impressive end results.


Interested in sponsoring a project? We are always looking for new and innovative ideas to challenge our students and showcase what they have learned throughout their time with us. This is a great opportunity to get hands-on involvement in the program and connect with our students.


Interested in serving as a new member? The Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) for the Ingram School of Engineering is comprised of active professionals from a diverse group of organizations. We look toward our IAB members for professional direction to help us shape the future of the Ingram School of Engineering.


Each semester your company will have the opportunity to set up a recruitment booth at our biannual senior design event. This is a great chance to promote your entity while interacting with our students, as well as our other industry guest attendees.