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Our undergraduate program is one of very few in the nation with a holistic emphasis on the application of technology to the life-cycle management of infrastructure assets. We call it “Technology-enhanced Infrastructure (TEI),” because not all technology is “Smart” but technology can make infrastructure better. Industry, both within and outside of Texas, has told us that this is the direction civil engineering must take in the future. We can explain our undergraduate program using the TEI graphic below.

TEI Logo
Technology-enhanced Infrastructure

Most undergraduate civil engineering programs focus on the analysis and design of a range of infrastructure assets; roadways, bridges, office buildings, hospitals, water/wastewater treatment plants, and more. This is represented by the inner gold circle. At Texas State our students also learn about a wide array of event detection devices (sensors); how the data from these devices is transmitted, stored, and securely shared; how to use statistics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other tools to analyze data; and how to turn that knowledge into a useable format such as a manual, an application, or a virtual or augmented reality training tool, for a few examples.

TEI is addressed in our curriculum in two ways. First, we have a 5-course sequence, stretching from the freshmen to senior year, which addresses several basic principles of TEI. Four of these courses are new and four are interdisciplinary. In addition, every civil engineering numbered course addresses at least one aspect (sensors, data, analytics, management) of TEI. Consequently, when students get to the senior capstone sequence, they should be well versed in TEI principles and applications as well as classic civil engineering concepts. View more information on our innovative and forward-thinking curriculum.

We offer undergraduate and graduate courses in the traditional civil engineering sub-disciplines of environmental, geotechnical, materials, structures, transportation, and water resources. At Texas State, we are introducing Technology-enhanced Infrastructure as a new interdisciplinary sub-discipline.  We are also building a strong research program in each of these areas.

Our growing international faculty will include seasoned educators, innovative researchers, individuals with industrial experience, and leaders within technical and professional organizations.

We encourage you to enroll in civil engineering at Texas State and become part of a forward-thinking, interdisciplinary, and transformational degree program.