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Master of Science

Major in Engineering - Concentration in Civil Engineering

The Ingram School of Engineering aims to provide students with an exceptional education in various disciplines of engineering. A dedicated faculty and staff are here to help each student achieve excellence in their graduate studies and research. One goal the Master of Science degree program is to serve the state and nation by creating highly skilled, diverse, and motivated professionals capable of technological innovation and dedicated to the improvement of society.

The current Master of Science, Major in Engineering, concentration in Civil Engineering degree program is structured such that students develop multidisciplinary engineering skills. The current, minimum 34 credit, degree program requirements are as listed below.

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Requirement Credits Course
General Required Course 3

ENGR 5310 Probability, Random Var, & Stochastic Processes for Engineers

General Required Core 7

Thesis or Project (6)

Seminar (1)

Civil Engr Required Courses 6

CE 5370 Urban Storm Water Management1

CE 5390 Infrastructure Systems Analysis2

Engineering Electives

Select three courses from the list at the right


CE 5320 Water Quality Management

CE 5321 Fate and Transport of Contaminants

CE 5340 Advanced Infrastructure materials

CE 5350 Highway Bridge Design

CE 5360 Pavement Design

CE 5372 Open Channel Flow

CE 5391 Advanced Mechanics of Materials

Multidisciplinary Electives

Select three courses from the list at the right


BIO 5319F Watershed Management Frameworks and Applications

BIO 5362 Environment Impact Analysis

CHEM 7330 Environment Chemistry

CIS 5364 Data Warehousing

GEO 5312 Managing Urbanization

GEO 5313 Environment Management

GEO 5334 Applied Water Resources

GEO 5336 Transportation Systems

GEO 4351 Regional Waste Management

GEO 5352 Air Quality Management

MATH 4337C Numerical Methods for Ordinary Differential Equations

MATH 4393 Introduction to Finite Element Methods

BLAW 5333 Legal Issues of Sustainability and Responsibility

BLAW 5368E Environmental Law and Policy

1 = Will accept BIO 5362 Environmental Impact Analysis, 2 = Will accept GEO 5312 Managing Urbanization