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Accreditation Milestones

Engineering programs are accredited by ABET, formerly the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology. ABET is the sole agency responsible for this important service. ABET accredits degree programs, not classes, or departments. Being designated as an ABET-accredited program provides external validation that the degree program meets the educational requirements established by its profession. For Civil Engineering, ASCE (American Society for Civil Engineers) provides input to ABET on behalf of the profession. ABET annually publishes the requirements for accreditation in the document “Criteria for Accrediting Engineering Programs, 20## - 20##.”

During the development of the academic program for Texas State, multiple individuals with ABET accreditation experience reviewed the program and provided valuable feedback. ABET accreditation will be sought for the Civil Engineering program at the earliest time appropriate and in consideration of the re-accreditation calendar for other programs in the School. Expected accreditation milestones are listed in the table below.


Date Anticipated Accreditation Milestone
Fall 2019 Program Commences
Fall 2002 Begin preparation of first self-study report
January 31, 2023 Submit a "Request for Program Evaluation"
May 2023 First graduates from program
July 1, 2023 Submit self-study report
Fall 2023 ABET on-site evaluation visit takes place
2-3 Month after visit Institution receives Draft Statement of review team's findings
July 2024 EAC meets to decide accreditation action
August 2024 Institution receives Final Statement of review team's findings


The “self-study report” mentioned above is a self-assessment of the program’s ability to achieve its educational objectives, achieve its student outcomes, and satisfy other requirements for accreditation. View the programs initial educational objectives and student outcomes.