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Doherty Park Research Lab

Radio Frequency Anechoic Chamber

Doherty Park Research Lab
Anechoic Chamber

Usually housed in electrical engineering programs, radio frequency anechoic chambers create a free space environment for the testing of electrical equipment such as antennae but can also be used in the development of new devices and technologies. The use of sensors to monitor infrastructure is a key component of the academic program, and the creation of new and innovative measurement devices and methods is an important part of the research program. Projects in this space offer collaborations with other programs across campus such as Electrical Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science. Unique to Texas State, the chamber features a one-of-a-kind set up inside, with an Instron 5988 electromechanical load frame for enhanced testing capabilities around civil infrastructure.

Chamber size: 14’ x 20’ x 12’ (4m x 6m x 3.5m)

Chamber Free Space: 100 Hz to 77 GHz

2605 N. IH-35 #600
San Marcos, Texas 78666-4684

Office: 512-245-7827
FAX: 512-353-2091