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Internships and Cooperative Education

Internships and cooperative education are two valuable work experiences for engineering students. In civil engineering, both are typically paid experiences.

Internships are generally, but not always, summer employment experiences. Some students chose to hold an engineering job during the fall semester, spring semester, or both. Internships do not earn college credit. They are purely an employment opportunity in the students field of study. The civil engineering faculty at Texas State can assist students in identifying internship opportunities.


The Ingram School of Engineering also has a Cooperative Education Program. Cooperative Education differs from an Internship in that students work full time, are considered full time students (which can be important for some scholarships), and will earn college credit while working. In addition, Coop can, and does, take place during the academic year. Consequently, it may take longer than 4 years to complete a BS degree depending on how long, and how many Coop experiences a student chooses in which to participate.