Cooperative Education

Experience is the best teacher.

Cooperative education is an experiential educational model in which students alternate semesters of traditional academic education with semesters of working full-time in their field of study.

Co-op students in the Ingram School of Engineering (ISoE) get a comprehensive engineering education based on real-world application of their engineering knowledge. And the on-the-job experiences are paid an average of $20/hr.  

> $1 MM Collective co-op earnings since 2017

1. Better return on education investment.
2. Accrue less debt maintaining full-time student status.
3. Make better career choices.

100% Graduation rate with co-op

95% of students with co-op experience are employed full-time in their fields of engineering.
45% - employed by co-op employers.
5% - pursuing higher education.

Cummins Inc. on co-op

"Talent development and successful team building are challenging in today‚Äôs environment. Co-op opportunities provide multiple advantages for employers and the co-op students collectively. Work performed by the co-op students is meaningful and adds value to the company while providing the student with an opportunity to experience the companies culture and offerings in a structured environment. The company's success depends on the strength of its employees collectively and their ability to function as a cohesive unit. Co-op opportunities help ensure that the right student is paired with the right company and will ensure long-lasting success for both parties."

Student showcasing his creation.
Student showcasing his creation.

TEL on co-op

"Having worked closely over the last two decades with students from Texas State University, Ingram School of Engineering in varying engagements, the level of students has been above our expectations. The students come prepared, hands-on, professional, skilled, and engaged while being ready to add value to the organization from the start. These qualities speak to the level of dedication from the faculty/staff to prepare engineers to meet industry needs."

Student posing for a picture.

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