Industrial Engineering (1st)

These projects are at the midpoint of a two-semester sequence.  They are not complete.

I1.01 Z-Box

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Sponsor: Monterrey Iron and Metal 

Student Team: Jaret Beaber, Cesar Cedillo, Maruicio Vazquez  

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michelle Londa

Monterrey Iron and Metal is a metal recycling facility located in San Antonio Texas. Monterrey Iron and Metal is installing a Z-Box to sift the non-metal material, "fluff", out of the crushed material they produce. The team will create a traffic flow pattern, TCP, for the removal of "fluff" by semi-trucks. The team will also determine the dimension of a storage shed that will hold the "fluff" until it is to be loaded into a Semi-Truck.  

I1.02 Tool Inventory and Facility Planning

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Sponsor: Jordan Vexler, Monterrey Iron and Metal

Student Team: Cramer Townsley, Katherine Stuckly

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michelle Londa

The goal of this project is to provide an organized tool inventory and facility layout for Monterrey Iron and Metal. The inventory spreadsheet will allow the company to know what tools are available and when reordering is needed. This project will consist of optimization within Monterrey Iron and Metal tool shed, including shelf layout and tool placement based on how often tools are used and worker logic. The study of tool usage and ergonomics will provide an organized and safer work environment for the employees as well as save money for the company by minimizing the number of tools ordered.

I1.03 Capacity Planning

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Sponsor: Ingram School of Engineering

Student Team: Billy Eggers, Alec Eoff, Noe Tavira, Salam Al Sammarraie

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michelle Londa

With the recent introduction of Civil Engineering and the start up of Mechanical Engineering in fall 2022, it is expected that the current capacity of facilities, instructors, and staff will not be adequate to meet the growing needs of the Ingram School of Engineering. The project aims to simulate the allocation of limited resources to the current student population with a growth rate forecast projection each year. 

I1.04 Electronic Production Dashboard

I1.04 Logo

Sponsor: Signify 

Student Team: Andrew Gustafson, Kameron Schmidt, Paul Passmore 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michelle Londa 

This project will consist of creating an automated dashboard to aggregate Signify's downtime data into a readable report. Our team will utilize Power BI to create this automated dashboard. Then the Signify Team will utilize the report to implement ideas that will increase the overall line efficiency in their San Marcos plant