Manufacturing Engineering (1st)

These projects are at the midpoint of a two-semester sequence.  They are not complete.

M1.01 El Mandadero Last Mile Delivery System

M1.01 Logo

Sponsor: Iain Galloway

Student Team: Justin Vaughn, Kaitlyn Ramirez, Taylor Sekula, Christopher Cameron, Caitlyn Landers

Faculty Advisor: Mr. Mark Summers

NXP wishes to create a modular payload research and development platform with a versatile system. Our project scope will include constructing multiple suspension assemblies to allow testing on multiple key parameters, including spring constant and friction coefficient of the wheels. We will construct and test an arch system for El Mandadero to generate test results to improve the design where needed. Our team will also perform vibration testing on El Mandadero to ensure all parts fit securely and function properly when in motion. Lastly, the team will develop an assembly guide using Fusion 360's animation feature allowing consumers to easily construct their own model.

M1.02 Drone Diagnostics VTOL Platform

M1.02 Logo

Sponsor: Airogistic 

Student Team: David Koenig, Mitch Richburg, Tarrant Diaz

Faculty Advisor: Mr. Mark Summers

Our Team is working to create safety and reliability in the autonomously operating drone fleets of tomorrow. We are developing the supporting infrastructure that any drone must use to operate in the real world. We are designing and fabricating a diagnostic suite for a Vertical Take Off and Landing(VTOL) array. By regularly diagnosing the drone health before take off, we can ensure a fleet's safe flight. Our manufacturing engineering students will be designing and programming force sensor couplings to propellor motors from a fabricated pad using robotic arms, for both static and dynamic flight checks prior to the full release of drones for flight.

M1.03 Bluewater

M1.03 Logo

Sponsor: Dr. Bahram Asiabanpour

Student Team: Lance Simon, Fabio Perez, Christian Torres, Javier Ruiz-Irizarry, Luciano Davis, Richard Dang

Faculty Advisor: Mr. Mark Summers

The Bluewater project consist of optimizing the efficiency and automation of a Farmbot planter. This includes designing and manufacturing a hopper system to more efficiently drop seeds, generating the most efficient travel route during the Farmbot's time of operation, and ensuring the entire machine can be operated in its entirety through programs we’ve created and the Farmbot software itself.

M1.04 AWG

M1.04 Logo

Sponsor: Ingram School of Engineering

Student Team: Andrew Wilhite, Mike Green, Rodolfo Olivares

Faculty Advisor: Mr. Mark Summers

Our project is to utilize Solidworks to design and optimize an Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) test platform using Peltier devices. Multiple configurations and heat transfer mechanisms are to be considered to produce the maximum amount of water using a minimum amount of electrical power.