Industrial Engineering (2nd)

These projects are at the midpoint of a two-semester sequence. They are not complete.

I2.01 - Airogistic Drone Team: Sky Dashing

I2.01 Logo

Sponsor: Jeffrey Michalski

Student Team: Jorge Dozal, Ryan Huston, Ja’Brianne Cleveland, Melissa Villatoro  

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michelle Londa

To ensure every drone mission is successful, accurate pre- and in-flight prediction methods are imperative to the achievement rate of each mission. The development of a decision portal to predict the conditions of the transportation path the drone will travel will best serve a variety of companies future development settlements that rely heavily on real time aerial data points. Such decisions will be determined by drone sensor diagnostics and weather information. The dashboard will portray these same things as well as the flight path and weather stations. 

I2.02 - Capacity Analysis

I2.02 Logo

Sponsor: Dr. Jesus Jimenez

Student Team: Yasmine Qader, Shania Richardson, Curtis Moore, & Oumar Bah

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michelle Londa

This project consists of constructing a capacity analysis model using Anylogic simulation software. The model created will simulate an Industrial Engineering student going through the four-year undergraduate program at Texas State University. Creating this will generate a baseline for any incoming degree programs for the school of engineering. A few other goals set in place are to identify the optimal student to instructor ratio, number of sections, and section sizes required to complete a degree. In all, this will help to predict when additional capacity, or a new building is needed. 

I2.03 - Project Happy Hour

I2.03 Logo

Sponsor: Dr. Patrick Thomas

Student Team: Nathan Docherty, Jackson Guerry, Collin Kaase, Seth Minter, Walid Riachi

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michelle Londa

The purpose of this project is to redesign current or produce new dispensing machine storage tank hardware and software to reduce manual inventory checks by operators and provide detailed product dispense data that is valuable to 31 Degrees as well as their existing and future customers. The solution is to create a weight scale system that can convert the weight of product into volume and send that data to a database via WIFI, coupled with a user-friendly operational dashboard displaying real-time information on a number of electronic device platforms (phones, iPad, laptop, etc.) relating to each tank's condition. Moreover, the Industrial Engineering (IE) Sub-Team is specifically responsible for designing, testing, and implementing an operational dashboard. The team is also responsible, along with the Electrical Engineering Sub-Team, for designing the database and will assist the other sub-teams as needed. 

I2.04 - Texas Trauma Access

I2.04 Logo

Sponsor: Dr. Eduardo Perez, Department of State Health Services (DSHS) 

Student Team: Ana Jimenez Rivera, Holly Streber, Kayla Streber, Mary Van 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michelle Londa 

This project will provide a proposal to the Texas Department of State Health Services regarding ways to increase adequate access care. Analysis of the effects of COVID-19 on trauma resources will be used to understand Texas regions need of trauma and could increase levels of adequate access to trauma centers. A Net Present Cost analysis will outline feasibility and aid health officials in allocating trauma resources. This planning will also account for increasing medical care in rural areas.