Manufacturing Engineering (1st)

These projects are at the midpoint of a two-semester sequence.  They are not complete.

M1.01 - 3D Printing Hard Mask for High Temperature Applications

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Sponsor: Curtiss-Wright

Student Team: Ian Sporn, Mikhale Johnson, Jared McCash, and Subash Panta

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Austin Talley

The main purpose of this project is to 3D print hard mask for high temperature thermal spraying process (HVOF, Jetkote, Plasma Arc). The company is currently performing this process using a masking tape which is labor intensive and has a high material cost. So, the team is coming up with this idea to design and 3D print mask using high temperature filaments that can go through various cycles of high temperature processes. Overall, this project should accomplish company’s requirements of designing and fabricating hard mask that can sustain high temperature (400-500˚F) for multiple cycles will reduce material costs and labor time.

M1.02 - Sustainable Heritage in Land Park Miniature Park

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Sponsor: Ylda Capriccioso 

Student Team: John DeWitt, Emily Owens, Jonathan Martinez, Adaugo Anyalebechi

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Austin Talley

Landa Park is historical park located in New Braunfels Texas and has been open to the public since 1936. The city has asked for help in the designing, building and installing of a trick element. The theming of the hole needs to reflect the heritage and culture of the New Braunfels. The entertainment addition also needs to be durable and able to last for years to come.

M1.03 - Sustainable Heritage in Land Park Miniature Golf

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Sponsor: New Braunfels Parks and Recreation

Student Team: Leilani Vital Christopher Alaga Robert Bomar Mathew Sanchez

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Austin Talley

My team has been tasked to create a brand new feature for their putt putt course in Landa park. Our sponsor have expressed a desire for the feature to clearly depict the heritage and culture of New Braunfels and/or Landa park. So my team will create a product that will not only give a keen sense of what great heritage New Braunfels has to offer but give variety and enjoyment to the putt putt course that our project/product will bring.

M1.04 - Injection Molding Recycled HDPE Plastic

M1.04 Logo

Sponsor: Hunt & Hunt/ Texas State University

Student Team: Allison Cespedes, Will Atkinson, Nicholas Caranikas, Jordan Mitchell

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Austin Talley

Our goal of this project is to encourage visitors to the Ingram Hall Makerspace to bring their clean recyclable plastics and walk out with a finished product. We are currently designing and developing a manufacturing system consisting of an injection molding machine and molds. The visitors will have a variety of molds of functional items, gifts, and more to create.

M1.05 - Post-Consumer Recycled Bench

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Sponsor: Hunt & Hunt/Texas State University

Student Team: Bailey Beene, Abigail Cartwright, Nahama Lujan, Jonathan Sheckler

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Austin Talley

This project aims to establish methods for Texas State University to utilize post-consumer plastic materials to provide functional seating in the form of a bench. By creating a secondary lifecycle for locally harvested post-consumer plastics, the University can reduce its plastic waste and encourage the Texas State community to follow suit. The equipment and necessary material for this project will be housed in the Ingram Hall MakerSpace to reproduce.

M1.06 - Simpson Performance Products

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Sponsor: Simpson Racing

Student Team: Daniel Flores, James Greenstreet, Zhiyong Li, Byron Martinez, Ryan Woods

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Austin Talley

For 60 years, Simpson Performance Products has been a leading manufacturer of quality safety equipment to racing enthusiasts and motorcycle riders. The objective of this project is to improve Simpson's current production process of their seatbelts. Our team will implement new designs in their process that will help reduce production time.