Industrial Engineering (2nd)

These projects are at the midpoint of a two-semester sequence. They are not complete.

10 Steps

Sponsor: Signify

Student Team: Alexis Andaverde, Christopher Bower, Jacob Cheramie, Erin E King  

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Clara Novoa

Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of powder coat paint line through the implementation of Total Productive Maintenance. Analyze, implement and document improvements made to the productivity of the work center.  

Block Time Prediction using Machine Learning Techniques

Sponsor: Sabre

Student Team: Alexis Chittwood, Connor Howle, Leah Lewis, William McCollough 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michelle Londa

Currently, the airline industry loses ~$22B annually due to many things, delay propagation being a large contributor. This project uses Machine Learning tools such as Scikit Learn in Python to predict the block time, total taxi time plus air time, between two airports in the US to lower the probability of delay and minimize losses within the industry. Four regression models were developed to analyze this problem, each was tested with our dataset and compared to select the best performing model. With the selected model, a Graphical User Interface was created to allow user interaction with the model and get real-time predictions for airports within the US. 

Inventory Tracking

Sponsor: HID Global

Student Team: Eduardo Becerra, Randy Dalan, Rahul Udeshi  

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michelle Londa

We were tasked to track the Inventory from the POU-WW on the Material Overflow Rack. We used Python to write a program that helps to keep track of the incoming and the outgoing inventory. We also utilized the 5S Methodology and AutoCAD to further improve on the existing system and make the process much more efficient. 

Team Signify - TPM

Sponsor: Signify

Student Team: Mogens Briede, Derek Johnston, Noah Rorick

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michelle Londa

Signify San Marcos is implementing a TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) program based off Lean principles. The goal of the TPM program is to reduce machine breakdowns by restoring the equipment to like new and engaging operators in basic maintenance. This TPM program is focused on the Paint Line..  

Environmental Benefits of Aggreko Hybrid Solutions

Sponsor: Aggreko

Student Team: Lloyd Videau, David Rager, Jordan Walla 

Faculty Advisor: Mr. Michelle Londa

Our project for Aggreko includes an analysis of carbon emissions, fuel savings with respect to efficiency, and the associated costs when implementation of renewable energy systems are incorporated. This system includes the Y Cube LiPo battery storage, a PV solar array, and diesel/ natural gas generators. This analysis is a preliminary approach to identifying the benefits of Aggreko's sustainable and renewable hybrid solutions. 

Optimal Floor Layout for Reclaim Area

Sponsor: Minigrip, Mr. Alan Mosley

Student Team: Ana Lazaro, Grant James, Zachary Munoz 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Patrick Thomas

4 new extrusion lines will take the place of the current reclaimer area in the near future. We are tasked with finding two alternative floor layouts for MINIGRIP's Seguin based plastic bag manufacturing plant. Both layouts will look to increase efficiency of pre and post scrap product flow.