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Ingram School of Engineering

Welcome to the Ingram School of Engineering!

This site is your first step to finding information on getting the education you need to enter the engineering field. Engineering applies mathematics and the natural sciences to solve real-life problems.

The Ingram School of Engineering offers three undergraduate degree programs:

  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering

These programs are student-centered, and provide extensive hands-on experience. All programs lead to a bachelor of science degree.

Some programs have "specializations" which provide additional in-depth options for a particular field. For example, semiconductor manufacturing is a specialization of Manufacturing Engineering, and computer engineering is a specialization of Electrical Engineering.

Students in the Ingram School participate in student-led organizations such as SWE, MAES, SHPE, IIE, SME, and IEEE.  These organizations lead to attendance at conferences, competitions, and the opportunity to build a network of contacts.

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